Posted by Jan Vade on Jan 09, 2018

Dr Helen Bradley, our guest.

At the meeting on 8th January our guest Speaker was Dr Helen Bradley. Helen is a Nurse, Midwife, and Adjunct Lecturer with the University of SA.
Helen is a member of Flinders Overseas Health Group, a charity organisation providing assistance in the health sector in the Eastern Indonesian province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), which includes West Timor. The people in the area live in poverty, suffer from malnutrition, and have limited education and an under-resourced health system.
Helen has been involved with maternal and neonatal health in Indonesia for many years. Helen and FOHG work with the Christian Religious Order of the Virgin Mary. This Order, and in particular, Sister Yasinta, have worked tirelessly for the woman and girls in the area.
As a Senior Lecturer at the UniSA she facilitated visits to Adelaide for Indonesian Hospital Administration and Management staff and worked as a consultant in Jakarta for the World Health Organisation, evaluating the Indonesian Ministry of Health, 'Making Pregnancy Safer' program. Together with other FOHG staff, Helen convened the current maternal and neonatal health program on Flores with an AusAID grant in 2008.
Currently an Adjunct lecturer in Nursing and Midwifery at UniSA, she has worked and researched in Timor Leste, the Philippines, Laos and Aboriginal Australia. Helen provides sessions in Global Health for young health professionals wishing to work overseas.
As the Team leader of the FOHG program for Maternal & Neonatal Health, she is currently facilitating Obstetric teams in both emergency obstetrics and ultrasound programs for the remote areas of Flores and the new SOE clinic on West Timor.