Members  of our Rotary Club are allocated to various committees in order to contribute their time and expertise
Youth  Committee
The focus of the Youth committee is to promote and encourage young people to take part in sponsored programs through Rotary.  Programs fall under the umbrella of leadership, science, technology, environment and natural resource management.  Participants are identified through local schools and community groups.
Community Committee
The purpose of the Community Committee is to assist our local community achieve outcomes which improve the lives of those in our community who are in need of assistance.  It may also assist in improving local amenities. The committee also supports the wider community by assisting other organisations who provide services on a State or Australia wide basis. This is usually by financial assistance to organisations such as those involved in Cancer research, The Royal Flying doctor service and similar research and service groups.
International Committee
The International Committee is responsible for initiating and managing support for people and organizations in need. Funds generated by our Rotary Club through fees and fundraising activities are used to finance projects and programs all over the globe. Some examples are: donating funds to support a teacher’s salary at St Jude’s School in Tanzania, the global Polio eradication project, Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation, Operation Cleft and ShelterBox Australia..
Funds are also given to enable larger District wide projects such as the provision of  sanitation and clean water infrastructure in developing countries.
Vocational Service
Vocational Service is the way Rotary fosters and supports the applications of the Ideal of Service to the pursuit of all vocations.  It is the shared responsibility both of the Rotary Club and its members.
The role of the club is to implement and encourage the objectives by its own actions in dealing with the community and by the development of projects that enable members to use their vocational talents in the service of the community.