International Committee project
Mongolian Arts Therapy Pilot Program
A major pilot project named Healthy Relationships has the aim of reducing aggressive behaviour through early learning. This is being managed by the Glow Art Therapy Association located in Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia, the target country. This association has designed and trialled elements of the program in a Daycare Centre kept open for essential workers during the Covid 19 pandemic.
 History tells us that the best way to change the future of a society is to begin with the children.
GOALS for the Program
Goal 1  Children will be able to
  1. know about how their brain works when they experience feelings of anger. 
  2. recognise the signs of when they are beginning to lose calm, rational thought.
  3. understand and recognise feelings of shame.
  4. identify the fear that is core to every anger issue.
Goal 2  Children will be able to
  1. clearly define what is aggressive or violent behaviour
  2. recognise the signs of when they are beginning to lose calm, rational thought and know how to engage strategies to calm down.
  3. have strategies to calm his/her thinking
  4. be motivated to use other means of having their needs met
  5. be motivated to not use aggression and violence
Goal 3   Children will be able to
  1. identify what sort of adult they wish to be
  2. define what is most important to them now
  3. recognise which behaviours do not exemplify the person they wish to become
  4. develop a deeply-felt personal statement about violence and aggression that they can tell others, and use to motivate themselves away from aggressive and violent behaviours.
Our club is funding this pilot program with a $2100 budget to be managed by the Gerege Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Mongolia upon the satisfactory achievement of evaluation criteria.
A Memorandum of Understanding between the Gerege Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and our Rotary Club details expectations for each party to the agreement.
A Primary School has been identified and approved by the Department of Education
It is expected that the 8 week sessions will commence early 2022.
Details available from  Owen Secombe, Director, International Committee